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About us

Our patient’s health and well-being, their wishes and interests lie in the centre of all our actions. As your dentist in Frankfurt, my team and I will ensure to take the time that is needed to include your wishes, inform you thoroughly about a treatment and explain the subject related context clearly before every treatment. This is the core for our extensive consultation and the individual fitted therapy plan for every patient.

Functionality, comfort and beauty are the components that honour aesthetic dentistry in all its aspects. It combines state of the art technical precision with well-being and a perfect appearance. It is our goal to focus our treatment to fulfil all of these requirements. We want to offer a medical service that combines quality and the aesthetics of modern high quality dentistry with the perspective of a gently and natural treatment.

Regular examinations and a pleasant prophylactic team are of great importance in our office, to extend the life of your natural teeth. Other important fields in our office cover implantology and periodontology.

These initial approaches helped create our therapy concept that aims to prevent dental infections and utilise state of the art technology and materials during treatments. Our professional dental laboratory ensures that you will be treated quickly and with highest standard.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our office!

Regards, your Dr. Paul P. Polarz and Team

Dr. Paul P. Polarz

Iordanis Iliadis

Yildiz Odabas
ZMF, Assistenz, Verwaltung

M. Barboura

Katharina Del Grosso

G. Circi

T. Lüttgens

S. Neza

M. Hoehne

L. Kibar

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