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Restorative Dentistry – life quality through optimal functionality

The primary goal in dentistry is to retain the natural teeth. In the case that the dental substance cannot be preserved and needs to be extracted or treated with a filling, then a dental restoration should occur. A filling or the sealing of a potential gap in the dentition, are the appropriate therapies to retrieve initial functionality and retain the health of the remaining teeth and tissue in the future. The remaining teeth will rest in their natural position and infections within the oral cavity are avoided. Besides functionality there are also aesthetic reasons for restorative dentistry.

The restorative dentistry in our dental office in Frankfurt comprises the following services:

  • Sealing of sensitive tooth necks
  • Dental colour filling therapy in the front and side tooth region
  • Aesthetic colour or form corrections using composite fillings or veneers
  • Corrections or repairs of fillings
  • Inlays made from ceramic or high performance polymers
  • Metal free dentures or constructions using precious metals for bridges, crowns and implants
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