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Periodontology – For healthy gums

Healthy gums are the foundation of an overall stable health. The treatment to prevent periodontitis is one of the most important treatments we offer in our Dental office in Frankfurt. Periodontitis is a chronic, insidiously evolving inflammatory disease of the periodontium that if untreated, will cause a decrease in bone substance in the mandible and inevitably result in the loss of teeth. The inflammation of the gum can also cause severe consequences to the general health – as risk of diabetes, myocardial infarctions or stroke increases. Women during pregnancy are in severe risk, as a periodontitis can result in premature birth.

The cause for this disease can be traced back to bacteria that are found in plaque between the teeth and the gums, as well as in gingival pockets. If these areas of plaque are not removed, they begin to harden and lead to bleeding of the gums and gum inflammation that continues to evolve in depth. To treat this disease, a consistent and systematic approach to treatment is necessary. The goal of the treatment is the removal of bacterial infected plaque and the restoration of the periodontium into its natural state. The utilisation of modern technology allows us to provide a painless and effective treatment. This allows us to save endangered teeth in a plethora of cases.

The periodontitis treatment in our dental office in Frankfurt is usually carried out as follows:

  • Utilisation of the periodontic screening index to evaluate and assess the degree of periodontitis
  • DNA probe to determine the pathogenic bacteria
  • Painless and efficient ultrasound treatment
  • Supporting antibiotic therapy
  • Lifetime risk-based individual prophylactic programs
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